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Pilots confess: “We both fell asleep flying home from Tokyo”

Users on anonymous app reveal exactly what happens during a flight.

Ever wondered what happens behind the always-locked door to the cockpit?
Well, pilots have confessed anonymously through an app called Whisper, which allows users to tell secrets without ever having to reveal their true identity.
Many captains and co-pilots have spoken out, saying they’ve fallen asleep when the plane was in auto-pilot.
“I’m a pilot and flying home from Tokyo, me and the captain both fell asleep for 15 minutes,” one person wrote.
“I’m a pilot and I’ve never stayed awake for a whole flight, ever,” another confessed. How comforting.
Another scary truth bomb is: “I’m a pilot and sometimes I purposely make lights flash and buttons beep to scare the passengers.”
“I’m a pilot and when I fly over big cities, I wonder what it would be like to hit a building,” a Whisper user revealed.
Oh, and that rule that we absolutely must switch our phones to aeroplane mode during a flight? Turns out, not even the pilot does it. “I don’t turn off my phone during take-off and landing… I’m a pilot,” an anonymous person wrote.
But, at least for those pilots that don’t fall asleep, they still get a kick out of the thrilling career choice. “I’m a pilot and after thousands of hours flying experience, I still say ‘weeee’ during take-off. The buzz is still there!”
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