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Who is Kirilly Dutton? Meet Peter Dutton's wife and family

Could Kirilly Dutton be Australia's next first lady? Here's what you need to know about the Childcare entrepreneur.

By Holly Royce
Peter Dutton may very well be the next Prime Minister of Australia, and yet no one seems to know very much about the Liberal MP.
A staunch conservative, Dutton was a Queensland police officer for nine years and started in politics as a member for Dickson back in 2001.
From there, he continued his journey moving into the Ministry, becoming Minister for Workforce Participation in 2004 and continuing to climb the ranks until he became Minister for Home Affairs in 2017 - and now, this man could very well be the next Prime Minister of Australia.
Information on Peter Dutton's career is easy enough to find online but Dutton's personal life, his first marriage of just a few months, his daughter born to a previous partner and his current wife, Kirilly Dutton potentially the first lady of Australia, are not as well known.

Who is Kirilly Dutton?

It was politics that ignited the spark of Peter and Kirilly's relationship.
The Daily Mail reports the pair were first introduced by a friend of Kirilly's who was then in a relationship with Liberal MP, Ross Vasta.
Dutton married Kirilly (nee Brumby) in July 2003 in a romantic Italian affair, after what she described to the Courier Mail as a slow-burning romance.
At the time the pair first met, the industrious Kirilly was working 14 hour days as the personal assistant of Sarina Russo, the founder of the Sarina Russo Group, Australia's largest private sector employment provider, and had "little time for a personal life."
Kirilly was eventually won over by the MP's "sense of humour and mystery."
Dutton with his wife, Kirilly and his three children.
Kirilly would go on to give birth to the couple's two sons Harry, aged 14 and Tom, aged 12, while quickly taking on the role of stepmother to Rebecca, aged 16, Dutton's daughter from a previous relationship.
Kirilly owns and runs Camelia Avenue Childcare Centre
A former part-time babysitter, Kirilly now owns and operates two Camelia Avenue Childcare Centres, which the The Daily Mail called a "million dollar business."
The businesses are both owned by Dutton Building & Development, a company started by Dutton and his father.
Alongside the lucrative childcare business, Kirilly and Peter have an impressive property portfolio together of six properties, one of which is a shopping centre in Townsville.
The pair also own a $2.3 million, four-bed mansion on the Gold Coast's 'Millionaire's Row', but prefer to reside in their two-hectare block home in Camp Mountain, northwest Brisbane.
Peter and Kirilly in a 2001 election campaign, before they were married.
She's no "shrinking violet"
Speaking candidly to the Courier Mail, Kirilly revealed she's a single mum for six months of the year on top of running two childcare businesses, but she doesn't mind.
The publication reports she would prefer her husband to leave his work in Canberra, "so when he walks through the front door at home, it's all about the kids".

Who is Peter Dutton's first wife?

Kirilly is actually Dutton's second wife.
Little is known about the conservative liberal MP's first wife, apart from the facts that the pair were married in 1992, when Dutton was just 22 years-old and still working as a police officer. The marriage lasted only a few months.
Peter is away from his family six months a year, but makes sure when he's home it's all about the kids.

Who is the mother of Peter Dutton's first daughter, Rebecca Dutton?

Dutton's daughter Rebecca was born in March 2002, during the MP's time as a member for Dickson, his first role in politics after 9 years on the police force.
The identity of Rebecca's mother is not public information, however, it is well documented that the now 16-year-old divides her time between her parents in a shared parenting arrangement.

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