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Pauline Hanson defends Donald Trump's sexual harassment comments

Pauline Hanson has played down Donald Trump’s brags about how fame has made it easier to sexually harass women without consequence.

Senator Hanson, the One Nation Leader, was on Channel 7’s Sunrise when she said that the comments were “vulgar” but then moved to almost excuse the Republican nominee saying the conversation was not supposed to be made public.
“It was said not on camera, it was said behind the scenes, and it was a tape recording,” Hanson told Sunrise. “Now let’s be honest about it, there’s a lot of men out there that say horrific things, probably up to the same standard,” she also added, “there are women as well who say vulgar things”.
Ms Hanson’s comments drew criticism from fellow Senator, Derryn Hinch, who was on the same programme.
"A normal man in a private conversation would not talk about this,” said Hinch. “A normal man, Pauline, would never consider invading a woman's space so much that he would... That is sexual assault!"
Hanson also pointed out former President Bill Clinton’s denials of sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky in the 1990s.
Following the on camera debate the two members of parliament were caught in a hallway spat where Hinch called the GOP candidate a “sexual predator” and said Hanson’s support was “absolutely disgraceful”.
“That you, as a woman, could even make any justification for what he has said and what he has done is just ...,” he said.
“Well, I didn’t condone what he said,” retorted Hanson.
“No, you said the people of America will decide. If you are even slightly right, then God help the country and God help the world.
Others have also come out to slam Hanson following her comments.
All of this follows a firestorm that erupted after tapes were released of Donald Trump in 2005 bragging about how he could “grab” women “by the pussy” because “when you’re a star … you can do anything”.
Trump has since lost the endorsements of several high profile Republicans, including senator John McCain.
Trump and Hillary Clinton are due to face off in the second presidential campaign debate later today.

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