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Nurse allegedly abducted from hospital, shoved into the boot of a car and forced to withdraw cash

The offenders then crashed the car and fled, leaving the victim trapped in the boot.

By Kate Wagner
A male Gold Coast nurse was allegedly abducted this morning from the hospital he works at, forced into a car and made to withdraw money from an ATM.
The 25-year-old was on a break at Pindara Private Hospital around 3:30am when a group of men in balaclavas, armed with knives and a handgun, demanded money.
When he was unable to offer cash, the men allegedly shoved him into the boot of their car and drove him to an ATM.
He was reportedly forced him to withdraw $500 before being pushed back into the boot. At around 4:20am, the vehicle crashed into a fence and the offenders fled, leaving the victim behind.
He was found in the car by locals and taken to Gold Coast University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
His abductors crashed another car just a few streets over at 4:45am. Police were called to the scene after the car rolled and they found knives in the vehicle.
The men had already fled but one male was located a short distance from the car and is now helping police with their investigation.
A manhunt is now underway for another three suspects who absconded.
The abduction is believed to have been a random attack.
A neighbour told Seven News she initially thought the nurse was a drunk driver when she came to help him.
“I came out to render assistance and then realised that he was really badly hurt,” she said.
“He said that he had been robbed at gunpoint by four men, one of them had a gun, one of them had knives and he had knife wounds all down his arms.
“He was just in shock, he could not even tell me his name.”
If you have any information to pass on to police about this incident, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.