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Injured Newcastle Knights' player Alex McKinnon stands up unassisted for the first time

Knights players wheel Alex McKinnon onto the ground during a match between the Knights and Titans.
Rugby League player Alex McKinnon stands unassisted for the first time since his devastating spinal injury which left him in a wheelchair.
"He's just finished in his rehab and he actually stood up unabated the other day ... he stood up on his own which is a terrific sort of step for Alex," Coach Rick Stone told reporters.
The Newcastle Knights forward, after suffering a nasty tackle during an NRL game last March, has spoken of his desire to fully recover and one day walk again and has been undergoing rehabilitation in Sydney.
Last year, the NRL's Rise for Alex fund raised over $1.4 million towards the goal.
Although not quite ready to return to the field, McKinnon will take on an active role with the Newcastle club, commencing January 27, working alongside Stone,
Knights director of football Michael Hagan and high performance coach Troy Pezet in recruitment.
According to his coach, the 22-year-old, who made it onto WHO magazine's 'Most Intriguing People of 2014' list, will probably be spending one day a week in the commercial area as well.
"That's going to be a great opportunity for Alex to get his teeth into something he really loves, footy," he told Sky Sports Radio.
"He's inspiring young men and everyone in the club will be really happy to see him back."

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