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New Year's Eve is approaching, but what will the weather be like on the big night and which cities will be doused in rain?

Expect a few midnight kisses in a downpour.

By Maddison Leach
We're all excited for New Year's Eve so we can say goodbye to the rollercoaster year that was 2021.
With all the ups and downs of the last 12 months in the rear-view mirror, countless Australians are planning to let loose and party as we ring in the new year on December 31.
Rooftop parties, beachside festivities and so much more are on the cards for New Year's Eve - but will the weather cooperate with all our big plans?
While weather predictions aren't always accurate, we've done some research to figure out exactly what the weather is supposed to be doing in each of Australia's capital cities on New Year's Eve.


Plan for a sunny start to 2022 in Sydney, where AccuWeather is predicting a clear New Year's Eve that will flow into a slightly cloudy January 1.
Temperatures will be moderate across the two days, with highs of 27 degrees and lows of 20 degrees.


What is summer in Brisbane without a few storms? AccuWeather is currently predicting sun with a shower in the afternoon on New Year's Eve and January 1, so pack an umbrella.
Fortunately the temperatures are expected to hit close to 27 degrees on NYE and 28 degrees on NYD, so at least you'll be warm in your party outfit.
Most of us would prefer to ring in the new year without rain. (Pexels)


AccuWeather is predicting a surprisingly hot New Year's Eve for Melbourne, with temperatures hitting a whopping 36 degrees on the last day of 2021.
Though rain isn't on the cards, there will be a cloudy New Year's Day but the thermostat will soar to 35 degrees.


Expect a warm start to 2022 in Adelaide, where the temperatures will spike to 35 and 32 degrees on New Year's Eve and January 1, respectively.
As for the sun, AccuWeather says it will be out in force on both days so make the most of the clear conditions.


Canberra will see the clouds roll in on New Year's Eve, and they're expected to stick around on January 1.
AccuWeather currently predicts highs of 29 degrees and lows of between 13-15 degrees on both days, so keep a jacket handy.


It's going to be a warm start to 2022 in Hobart, where AccuWeather is predicting a top temperature of 27 degrees on New Year's Eve and 28 degrees on New Year's Day.
Expect cloud cover on both days and lows of 16 and 17 degrees, respectively.
Host your festivities inside to escape the weather. (Pexels)


There will be a bit of cloud coverage in Perth for New Year's Eve, but they'll be gone by the new year.
AccuWeather predicts a high of 29 degrees on the big night, which will drop by only two degrees to 27 degrees on the first day of 2022.


Gloomy is the only way we can describe AccuWeather's current predictions for New Year's Eve in Darwin, where it's expected to storm on January 1.
Expect a thunderstorm on the big night, but temperatures will hit a high of 32 degrees on both days.
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