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Mum captures boy ghost in a car selfie, thinks he was warning her daughter about seatbelt

This guardian angel will give you the shivers!

By Lorna Gray
Mum-of-two Melissa Kurtz, 48, was driving her daughter Harper to a beauty pageant in Florida when the 13-year-old got bored and began taking selfies on her phone.
When Melissa scrolled back through the pictures on her phone, she noticed what appears to be a little boy sitting behind Harper, reaching towards her.
She swears nobody else was in the car. Take a look for yourself...
“It was a real "Oh my god" moment,” Melissa said. “I was really shocked by it, incredibly shocked. I ran into the other room and said to friends who were staying with me "you have to see this".
Everyone was awestruck. I think it’s very important to the world to see that picture because I know it’s genuine and real and we were the only two in the car. So many people have hope for the afterlife and this proves it - to me anyway. People [who have seen it] have taken comfort in that.”
But here’s the really spooky part: Melissa discovered it was taken on the anniversary of a deadly accident on the same road which she thinks could’ve involved this little boy.
She was so shocked by the image she submitted it to Greg Pocha, who is director of parapsychology, afterlife and paranormal studies at Eidolon Project Canada.
“Harper didn’t have her seatbelt on and one of the investigators who analysed the photo called Greg Pocha thought [the ghost] could be trying to warn her.”
He used an analysis programme used by the FBI and claims the boy has no colour or ‘temperature’ in the picture.
Melissa says Harper isn’t scared by the little guardian angel and says she’s very open to the paranormal.
If the ghost picture is legit or not, it’s a stark warning for everyone to wear their belts!

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