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Ivanka Trump may not know the meaning of the word 'otherwise'

Twitter never forgets.

By Holly Royce

Maybe it's a family thing... but First Daughter, Ivanka Trump , can't seem to catch a break on social media.

She was recently taken to task following the reemergence of a foot-in-mouth tweet she sent in 2013 incorrectly attributed a quote to Albert Einstein, that on top of being called-out for some very bizarre kids birthday party treats and constant riling up the masses is a full-time job in itself.

Now it appears the Donald Trump's daughter may not know the meaning of the word, 'otherwise' and the internet does not look set to let her forget it anytime soon.

Ivanka Trump shared the following tweet yesterday, where she can be seen cuddling her "nephew Luke" which she describes as the best bit of an "otherwise incredible day."

According to the Holy Bible that is the English Oxford Dictionary (EOD ), the word otherwise is defined as:

Indicating the opposite of or a contrast to something stated.

A definition not lost on the good people of Twitter, who had some pretty fantastic reactions to the grammatical gaff.

And it couldn't be a true Trump gaff reaction list without the inclusion of a Chrissy Teigen tweet

Maybe the whole family should bookmark the EOD? Just a thought.