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IMPORTANT: The president of Iceland wants to ban pineapple pizza and the world is torn

The age-old question: does pineapple belong on pizza?

By Kate Wagner
From the genius @earleyedition
President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, has sparked fresh debate over something that's divided households for eons – does pineapple belong on pizza?
The president didn’t muck around, claiming his disgust for the pairing was so strong that he’d ban the combo if he could.
The people took to Twitter to support his severe take on the topping.
Then, because literally nothing can be taken as a joke anymore, the president was forced to issue a statement to make sure he hadn’t hurt pineapple’s feelings.
Oh, so seafood is okay, but pineapple isn’t? If this doesn’t cause an outcry, the world is desperately out of whack.
I will also have you know that Iceland legitimately serves banana on their pizza.
Banana. Sorry? I just... what?
Look, this writer thinks pineapple’s sweet juices are made to blend with pizza’s cheesy base, but this tweet had me shook:
Will the debate ever be solved? Will families finally put their differences aside and be reunited? Will it culminate in World War III?
Who knows, but banana on pizza should definitely be copping more flack than pineapple.