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Domino’s launch sweet pie pizza

How have we not had this before?

The pizza gods of Domino’s have created a wild concept in Ukraine.

A pizza pie.

It’s like a dessert pie but with pizza crust.

How have we not had this before?

The Domino’s dessert comes in four flavours – cherry, apple, poppy seed and… cottage cheese?

Well, at least Ukrainians are up for challenge.

The cherry pizza pie is filled with cherry and cinnamon, and the poppy seed option has classic lemon and poppy seeds, with apples, ginger, and cinnamon.

The poppy-seed flavoured pie

The cottage cheese one comes with apricot and jam layered between vanilla and cottage cheese.

They’re only available in Ukraine country right now, but if these pizza pies came to Australia, would you be up for it?

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