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Cassie Sainsbury may refuse to see her mother and sister in jail because of their 60 Minutes deal

Comes as prison guard brands her an attention-seeking bully.

By Lorna Gray
Accused drug-trafficker Cassie Sainsbury has still not been reunited with her family despite her mum, Lisa Evans, sister Khala and fiancé Scott Broadbridge all arriving in Colombia on Friday.
It's thought her mother and sister will be allowed to visit today but it's unclear whether Cassie will actually want to see them after fresh reports of "family drama."
Cassie is said to be furious with Lisa and Khala as they reportedly secured their 60 Minutes tell-all interview without consulting her.
The 22-year-old from Adelaide hasn't seen any of her family members since she was found with 5.8kg of cocaine at El Dorado Airport on April 11.
Her fiancé Scott Broadbridge (who has a separate deal from her family with Channel Seven and a different legal team) is also not expected to be able to visit her for a number of days. The Daily Telegraph reports his paperwork failed to be finalised in time for his visit.
Cassie's mug shot (L) and Cassie pictured at the prison gates (R).
It comes as a prison guard from the El Buen Pastor prison sensationally labelled Cassie a liar and an attention-seeker.
"She's not my most difficult prisoner, but I don't like her lies," the female guard, who wished to remain anonymous, told 9 News.
Cassie claimed she'd been getting bullied after a picture of her emerged with a cellmate.
"I made a complaint to the guards about it because I didn't give permission for a photo to be sent out and they confiscated a mobile phone," Cassie said.
Cassie in jail with unidentified prisoner.
But the prison guard Cassie "wanted to take the picture" and it was her bullying the girl in the picture. "She is bullying another prisoner for taking a picture with her," the guard said.
She also accused Cassie of lying about not being able to access medical facilities:
"That's a lie. Every prisoner gets checked out for their health. She has access to private doctors too if she wants," she told 9 News.
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