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Who are Barnaby Joyce's daughters and ex-wife, Natalie Joyce?

Before there was Vikki, there was Natalie.

By Holly Royce
Aussie politician Barnaby Joyce never expected to become a father again in his 50s, but that's exactly what happened to the former Nationals Leader in 2018, when it was revealed he was in a relationship with his former staffer Vikki Campion and the pair were having a baby together.
The couple's first son Sebastian was born in April 2018 and now he even has a brother, little Thomas, born in June 2019.
But what you might not know is that Barnaby Joyce has a whole other family from his previous relationship.
Here's everything you need to know about the former Deputy PM's other family, including his four daughters.

How many children does Barnaby Joyce have?

Barnaby and his daughters. (Image: Instagram)
As well as his two sons with ex-staff member Vikki Champion, Barnaby has four daughters - Bridgette, 22, Julia, 20, Caroline, 19, and Odette, 16.
Speaking to The Weekend Australian, his now ex-wife Natalie said politics was tough on the girls growing up and the family took a "back seat" when it came to Barnaby's career, though the girls didn't really know any different.
"It's taken a long time to get that father-daughter rapport," she said in 2017.
Barnaby was aware of the sacrifices and admitted he felt guilty about his absence.
"In the end they give up on you. They just don't think you're going to be there," he admitted in the same interview.

Who is Barnaby Joyce's ex-wife?

Barnaby with his ex-wife and four daughters. (Image: Instagram)
Barnaby Joyce announced he had separated from his wife Natalie Joyce in December, 2017.
The admission of separation was somewhat controversial as it was included as a bizzare contribution to the same sex marriage debate.
"The current definition of marriage has stood the test of time... half of them fail, I acknowledge that,"Mr Joyce said on December 7th, 2017.
"I'll acknowledge ... I'm currently separated so that's on the record. I don't come to this debate pretending to be a saint."
Natalie and the Deputy Prime Minister were married in 1993 and together for 24 years.
The pair met while they were both in University.
Natalie is the mother of Barnaby's four daughters.
The 49-year-old recently unveiled her 15kg weight loss in this stunning photo shoot and she says she finally feels like herself again.

Who is Vikki Campion, Barnaby's new partner?

Vikki Campion on Linkedin. (Image: Supplied)
The announcement that Vikki Campion was expecting a baby with the former Deputy Prime Minister shocked Australia, mostly because Vikki was a former media adviser to Mr Joyce.
The Daily Telegraph reported that the couple had moved in together and Mr Joyce was "madly in love'' but the 50-year-old is concerned about the welfare of his daughters, who are in their late teens and early 20s.
WATCH BELOW: Vikki Campion, Barnaby Joyce and Sebastian Joyce pose for their first family photo. Post continues after video...
Ms Campion, 33, worked as Mr Joyce's media advisor before she moved into a more senior role with Resources Minister Matt Canavan in April last year.
She then joined the office of Nationals chief parliamentary whip ­Damian Drum, before losing her job when Mr Drum moved from his role to become the Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister.
Before working in Politics Vikki Campion worked as a journalist and deputy chief of staff of The Daily Telegraph.