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Meet Sebastian Joyce: Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion's baby son

He's Australia's most talked-about baby... And he's just beautiful.

By Bella Brennan
Whatever your opinion is on the Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion scandal, at the heart of the situation lies an innocent baby boy.
And last night during the couple's highly-anticipated Sunday Night interview, Australia was officially introduced to the former Deputy Prime Minister's newborn, Sebastian Curtis Scott Joyce.
Despite Barnaby and Vikki's incredibly fraught road to welcoming their son in April, the besotted new parents say it's all been worth it.
"That child was forged in the fires, he's going to be tough. He has to be tough. And I think that our relationship has only gotten stronger," proud mum Vikki told the Channel 7 show of her son, who they affectionately call "Seb" for short.
After being told by doctors she wouldn't be able to conceive children, Vikki was surprised when she first learnt of her pregnancy.
Hands-on Barnaby bathes his little boy.
Those big blue eyes are just gorgeous.
Vikki, Barnaby and Sebastian are currently based in Armidale, NSW.
"My mum she calls him miracle baby because that's really what he was. I'm really grateful for what we've got," the former communications staffer revealed.
It's unclear if Sebastian has been introduced to his four older half-sisters Bridgette, 20, Julia, 19, Caroline, 17, and Odette, 15, who Barnaby has with his estranged wife Natalie Joyce.
WATCH: Vikki Campion on giving birth to Sebastian. Post continues...
Vikki says Seb is her "miracle baby."
The 31-year-old describes motherhood as "beautiful."
However the proud father-of-five has already taken his son for a tour of his new, albeit smaller, parliamentary offices in Canberra since he stepped down as deputy PM in the wake of the scandal.
The newly-demoted back-bencher is currently on 11-weeks sick leave and relishing the time with Sebastian and partner Vikki at their Armidale base.
"I just walk around and look at Sebastian. You're so lucky. I don't want to sound saccharine... It's such a blessing, you just look at these two blue eyes staring up at the blue sky and staring back at you, and you look at Sebastian and you think, boy! Man, you caused some problems," Barnaby, 51, chuckled during his Sunday Night interview.
Barnaby says his son is a blessing.
"He loves his dad!" Vikki says of Seb and Barnaby's special bond.
The 51-year-old stepped down from his role as Deputy PM in February.
So, who does Sebastian take after?
According to 33-year-old Vikki, her six-week old has her eyes but Barnaby's colouring.
"He has my red!" Barnaby laughed.
The trio pose for their first family photo.
Sebastian Curtis Scott Joyce was born in April, 2018.
His parents hope he can "grow up safe and loved."
While Sebastian Joyce might already be a household name, Vikki and Barnaby wish for a simple and happy future for their son.
"[I hope he has] a good life. To just enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful days. To grow up safe and loved," Vikki explained.
She added: "[He's a] healthy, happy, absolutely gorgeous gorgeous baby! he's so smart and big."
The couple confirmed the $150k pay cheque they pocketed for the Sunday Night exclusive will be put into a trust for their son, and the proceeds will go towards his education and health.
(Images via Sunday Night)

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