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Bank giving staff incentives to direct customers to use ATM

Another industry cutting down on front-facing staff.

Staff at one of Australia's leading banks have been offered financial incentives for re-diverting customers to ATMS instead of tellers.
Managers at Commonwealth Bank have been encouraged to tell customers wanting to withdraw a sum under $2000 to use an ATM. Similarly, customers wanting to cash a cheque, withdraw money or cash deposits are being directed away from tellers and towards self-serve machines.
The news comes as the Bank has doubled their daily limit for ATM withdrawals, reducing the need to use the teller desk.
A 'customer service specialist' will greet customers entering a branch and determine their needs instead, The Daily Telegraph reports.
Staff annual bonuses will be partially determined by their ability to educate customers on using the teller machines.
The bank is certainly not the only giant slowly eroding the role of customer-facing staff. Supermarket chains, Woolworths and Coles, have also dramatically reduced checkout staff after the widespread adoption of self-scan machines.

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