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The cringeworthy comment Britain's new prime minister made to the Queen

Oh dear.

By Alex Lilly
In her 67 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth has seen many British prime ministers come and go.
But as she met the newly-instated 14th PM Boris Johnson, whose gaffes have made headlines for years, the Queen was reportedly forced to deal with a cringeworthy comment that we can't believe was uttered by a world leader.
At Buckingham Palace, the new leader of Britain's Conservative party was formally received by Her Majesty as she invited him to form a new government following Theresa May's resignation.
These formal audiences with the Queen are usually kept relatively private, but as Mr Johnson returned to 10 Downing Street, he reportedly told his staff what went down, thereby breaking royal protocol.
NBC journalist Vincent McAviney tweeted, "Exclusive: "I don't know why anyone would want the job" - what Johnson says HM the Queen told him during his audience! The PM revealed it during a tour in Number 10 before being told off by staff not to repeat those things so loudly."
The Royal Family official Instagram also posted a photo of the meeting, but the comments certainly weren't in favour of the new prime minister.
"I feel sorry for The Queen 👑," one royalist commented.
"Right Honourable!!!!! That's a laugh! #notmyprimeminister," another penned.
One follower even referenced the hit biopic series The Crown which follows the life of Queen Elizabeth saying, "Wonder what will happen to the tv series the crown, if they get to this period. Suppose it will turn into a tragicomedy."
The Queen's first meeting with Boris Johnson following his announcement as the new British prime minister. (Image: Instagram @theroyalfamily)
With his blonde head of hair and conservative values, Boris Johnson has been dubbed on numerous occasions as Britain's answer to US president Donald Trump, whom the Queen received in June along with First Lady Melania Trump.
However, when Her Majesty finds herself in a sticky situation, a report from The Telegraph emerged that she uses none other than her handbag to help get her out of it.
WATCH: The Queen gives Donald Trump an unusual present. Post continues after video...
It's been revealed that the Queen uses her trusty accessory as a signalling device to her royal aides.
For instance, when she places her bag on the table in front of her, the Queen is reportedly signalling to staff that she she wants to leave in five minutes.
But be warned if she places the bag on the floor as this marks a polite way for her to request a lady-in-waiting to rescue her!
Judging by the bag's convenient location on her arm, we assume that Boris' visit to the Queen wasn't annoying her too much.
Scott and Jenny Morrison visited the Queen back in June 2019. (Image: Instagram @theroyalfamily)
When Scott Morrison and his wife visited the Monarch back in June, they greeted the Queen with formalities and an unexpected gift.
But before the D-Day commemorations for which he was in the UK to mark, the Australian prime minister presented Her Majesty with a copy of the official biography of champion racehorse Winx signed by author Andrew Rule as well as the horse's owners placed in a nice tartan bag.
We wonder if Boris brought a gift too...

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