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Mum tasers sleeping son to go to church: "Get up! It's Jesus' Day!"

The mum has been charged with suspicion of child abuse after allegedly using a taser to wake he son up to go to Easter Sunday mass.

A 40-year-old mum will face court later this month for allegedly waking her sleeping teenage son with a taser when he wouldn't get up to go to church.
Police claim Phoenix, Arizona, mum Sharron Dobbins shocked her 17-year-old son after several attempts to wake him up failed and arrested her on suspicion of child abuse after her son alerted authorities.
She has claimed that she only touched her son's leg with the taser and did not actually shock him. Police documents say the teen had two small bumps on his leg from being zapped.
"I said, 'Get up! It's Jesus' Day!'" she said in an interview with US media.
"He was like, 'Mom, I'm calling the police.' I said, 'You can call the police, UPS, DPS, whoever you want to call'
"Police were on the phone and I told the dispatcher, I told her, 'You need to be with Jesus right now.'"
Dobbins was taken to jail where she spent 12 hours before being released to face court later this month.
"I don't think I did anything wrong because you're supposed to put God first and that's all I was trying to do is tell my kids to put God first," Dobbins told media.