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Donald Trump Jr is NOT happy Hilary Clinton made fun of his father at the Grammy awards

Donald Trump's son called Hilary's appearance, "a great consolation prize for losing the presidency."

By Holly Royce
Celebrities and politics - you may not think they have a lot in common and well...actually, they don't, but in this modern age wherever one goes, the other is sure to follow.
Just a little over two hours into the Grammy Awards, we a pre-recorded skit was aired that showed celebrities... and Hilary Clinton reading segments from the controversial new book, Fire and Fury, which takes aim at President Donald Trump.
James Corden, who was hosting the event, announced the skit to a bemused audience.
"Some people don't know this, but you don't always need to be a musician to win a Grammy. In fact, every year, the Recording Academy has honoured the best-spoken word album," he explained.
"Over the years, the award has gone to some of the world's most inspiring voices. Bill Clinton has won a Grammy. Barack Obama has won a Grammy. Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore - they all have Grammys."
"We know that our current President does love winning awards, and the good news for him is he may just be the subject of next year's winner. The question I've got is: Who will be the narrator?"
The pre-recorded skit was then played featuring the likes of John Legend, Snoop Dogg and Cher reading out scathing segments from the book.
The video finished with a segment read by Hilary Clinton (watch the video at top of post) who "got" the job of the narrator.
While some viewers love the cheeky surprise, many others thought to add politics to a music award show was cheapening the event.
One such viewer was Donald Trump Jr who tweeted,
"Getting to read a #fakenews book excerpt at the Grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency."
Which was then followed by a second tweet,
"The more Hillary goes on television the more the American people realize how awesome it is to have @realDonaldTrump in office."
There was no word directly from Trump, who did, however, direct a Tweet To Jay Z.