Jasmine Yarbrough thought Karl Stefanovic would be a "good friend" when they met

The couple tied the knot in December 2018.

By Alex Lilly
When Karl Stefanovic married Jasmine Yarbrough in a lavish Mexican ceremony last year, their wedding made headlines.
But it wasn't exactly love at first sight for the 35 year-old shoe designer who's made a rare confession about how her relationship with the 44 year-old former Today Show host kicked off.
Sitting down with Vogue Brides, Jasmine revealed that she had been living in London and New York for seven years, but it was when she finally came home for a visit in 2016 that she crossed paths with the TV journalist, who separated from his wife Cassandra Thorburn that year.
"Karl and I had met through friends over the Christmas period when I was back from Los Angeles visiting family in 2016," Jasmine explained.
"When we first met, I thought he was going to be such a good friend, because we just laughed all the time. He had me in fits of laughter all day!"
And the blonde beauty even confessed, "He's the funnier one in the relationship, that's for sure. He's so quick-witted."
Jasmine and Karl tied the knot in Mexico in December 2018. (Image: Instagram @jasyarby)
Karl himself admitted that those romantic feelings were unexpected when he met Jasmine.
"I certainly did not expect to meet someone five months after I broke up with my wife," he told Stellar magazine shortly after he and Jasmine went public in 2017.
The couple exchanged vows at the One&Only Palmilla resort in San José del Cabo, Mexico in front of 200 friends and family and Jasmine dazzled in a bespoke J. Andreatta gown that was finished with "little touches" and Aztec-influenced beading.
"The whole look is so beautiful, but I usually wear more plain dresses," Jasmine revealed to Vogue Brides.
WATCH: Karl Stefanovic shares intimate video from inside his wedding to Jasmine Yarbrough. Post continues after video...
Woman's Day previously reported that Karl still banks an extraordinary $3 million salary because of his watertight contract, but friends say he's now "terrified" about what happens when the contract ends in 2020 – because he's spent a "shedload" in the past two years.
"The lifestyle he and Jasmine have doesn't come cheap – renting two beautiful homes, school fees, new cars, overseas trips – and what's left over doesn't go as far as you'd think."
Could Karl be heading back to the Today Show? (Image: Getty Images)
"When he tested the market recently, he had a massive reality check. Sky News reached out to him, and offered him a lot less than what he's earning now.
"But I wouldn't write him off. Karl's one of the best negotiators in the business, and he knows he's the best hope to save Today – he's just got to eat some humble pie! But he needs to do something fast because there's also talk of dumping Today because it's riddled with problems."

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