Don’t let your period stop you from making the most of summer with period-proof swimwear

Hit the waves with confidence.

Summer is in full swing and we are just itching to get down to the beach or spread out by the pool and lap up the warm weather and rays (slathered in sunscreen of course).

As it usually goes, with the transition to warmer weather and days spent in swimmers comes the anxiety of what to do when our period comes.

Swimming in pads is near impossible and of course, tampons are an option. However, the fear of leaking, not to mention the serious environmental effects of disposable period products is enough for anyone to look elsewhere for solutions.

In Australia, 20 billion sanitary products end up in our landfills and oceans every year. Enter the period panty and following that – period swimwear!

Period swimwear is the latest development in sustainable menstrual products and offers an eco-friendly alternative to the classics and we are so excited to see more brands taking on the challenge of embracing the trend.

The best period swimwear to buy in Australia

If you are looking to relieve yourself of the anxiety of leaking while you enjoy your summer, then look no further as we have rounded up some of the best brands out there at the moment that have taken the dive into period swimwear so you can focus on the waves.


Tie Side Bikini Brief

$55 at ModiBodi

Modibodi has spearheaded the popularity of the product in Australia, and their leak-proof bathers are suitable for all-day protection – perfect for the beginning and end of your cycle and when you’re spotting or experiencing leaks.

The company’s website explains their bathers are designed to lock leaks in even when you’re swimming, and they dry fast so you can feel comfortable when lying on the sand or buying fish and chips.


Swimwear Tie Front Cut Out One Piece

$78.75 (usually $105) at ModiBodi

If you prefer a one-piece we love this flattering cut-out style that offers light to moderate period protection.

Modibodi also recommends wearing a pair when your period is due for some peace of mind so no panicked rushes to the nearest supermarket are needed.


Period Swimwear Tank Set

$155 at Ruby

Hold up to three tampons’ worth of blood with this classic-style bikini from Ruby Love.

The dry-tech mesh helps to prevent leakages from all angles and doesn’t look bulky and obvious while you wear it.


Scarlet Period Swim Bikini Brief

$54 at The Iconic

Shop this full coverage brief that provides two tampons worth of blood thanks to the leak-proof gusset that won’t leave you feeling damp in the wrong places.

Because it is a classic black hue and material you can pair these with any black bikini top you already have for when that time of the month comes around.


Period Swimwear Racerback

$171 at Ruby

Channel your inner Pam Anderson with this eye-catching red one-piece that will leave you feeling confident to hit the waves in style.


Scarlet Period Swim Shorts

$59 at The Iconic

Some days you just may want some extra coverage for that peace of mind, in that case, try out these swim shorts from Scarlet that also can hold up to three teaspoons of blood.

Do period swimsuits really work?

Period swimwear is much like your usual favourite bikini or one-piece.

While every brand is different and uses its own techniques and tech to nail leak-proof swimwear, the basic gist is that there is an extra absorbent lining to catch blood and prevent leaks along with extra quick-drying material.

Period swimwear can be worn alone for light to moderate periods or can help add an extra layer of protection while using menstrual cups or tampons. They’re also a great option for anyone who wants extra protection from light incontinence.

Just make sure to pick the right size and follow the brand’s instructions for changing and cleaning, and you’re good to go. They’re a game-changer for many folks who menstruate during water activities!

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