Two-legged kitten is a heart- warming inspiration

This video of a two-legged kitten playing with a ball and feather will make your heart melt. Understandably, the cuteness level of this video has allowed it to go viral on YouTube.
The adorable and persevering kitten featured in the video and named Anakin, had an instant impact on her owner, Carrie Hawks, 36, when she found him, prompting her to adopt and care for him. Ms Hawks discovered the kitten in the woods near her father’s work.
Naturally, being on two legs was difficult for him especially when he had to fend for himself against other feral cats.
Regardless of the fact that Anakin was born without a pelvis or two rear legs, he is clearly not letting it get him down as he walks with his two front legs, using his tail to centre his balance. Watching this video will allow all viewers to look on the brightside, rather than the hardships of life.
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