Through the eyes of puppies

Cats have long ruled the internet, but 'puppyvision' might just be a show-stealer.
From the people who brought us the GoPro on the bottom of the ocean and GoPro in a dishwasher, comes GoPro on puppies.
Filmmaker Jeramiah Warren said on his idea to use the action video camera on a pup came out of nowhere and he was surprised that it hadn't been done before.
"I was sitting inside looking out and I saw all the puppies you see in the video playing with each other and tumbling around. Then it occurred to me that I could put the camera on them and see their puppy antics from their perspective," Warren said.
"I ran to YouTube and was surprised to find out that while it had been done with adult dogs, no one had done it with puppies.
"I soon discovered that puppies don't like having cameras on them. I did get a few good shots despite that."
The video has had around 15,000 views and viewers have offered some interesting video titles, including The Blair Pup Project and Paranormal Puppivity.
Warren has made other videos with the GoPro camera, including one by accident - the bottom of the Dead Sea.
He said the trend of sending cameras where they were never meant to go was growing thanks to new technology.
"Humans are fairly limited in the way they can view the world. It's fun to be able to take a camera, put it somewhere a person couldn't be, or see a sport from a new perspective."
"I have several more ideas for GoPro videos that are new or unique, I think people will enjoy them. I've done a few “POV videos” like this in the past, but I've mostly stuck with animated videos which have been really popular.
"I'm hoping to start doing some more live action videos, get away from my computer and have fun outside with my camera."
More of Jeremiah's work can be seen at www.JeremiahWarren.com

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