QLD police asks public to name its new puppy litter and the cuteness is too much

This video will make your day.

By Amber Elias
In probably the most adorable police request ever, Queensland Commissioner Ian Stewart has reached out to the public for help in naming its newest recruits - a litter of puppies.
The fluffballs are part of the 'G' group, which "dictates that this litter will have names that begin with the letter ‘G’," according to the QLD police website.
The litter includes seven puppies in total (two male and five female) who will compete a rigorous training program in the hopes of becoming a general purpose or drug detection dog.
Do I look like a George?
Unlike the NSW police, who recently requested name submissions starting with the letter 'X' (yeah we were stumped after xylophone too) for its newest litter of puppies, 'G' is a much easier letter to brainstorm.
Some 'G' name suggestions that we can fully get on board with:
~ George (after Prince George, because he is just as adorable)
~ Gan-Gan (after Queen Elizabeth, obviously)
~ Grigio (after the wine, because puppies and wine go very well together)
~ Gwenyth
~ Gary Ablett
~ Greg Inglis
Am I a Gwenyth?
Queenslanders (and keen fans) can submit their name suggestions here.
Nominations will close Tuesday, June 27 at 8am, so you have time to brainstorm something better than 'Good boy' over the weekend.
Good luck to all the tiny puppies, here's hoping you wind up with a fantastic police dog name.