Meet Nemo, France's adorable adopted first dog

Ouaf! Ouaf!

By Holly Royce
Meet the adorable Nemo, France's new first dog adopted by French President Emmanuel Macron.
There is no doubt that a dog is the most loyal companion.
Sure, other pets have their merits, but a dog is the definitely the most faithful and most dependable of them all.
No matter how stressful life gets, you'll always have those big brown eyes and waggy tail waiting for you when you return home.
All these traits plus countless others make a dog the perfect presidential comrade.
There was Bo and the Obamas', Buddy and the Clintons' and let's not forget the Queen and her Corgis.
And now, the French president, Emmanuel Macron has continued the tradition of French presidents having a 'first dog' by adopting Nemo from the SPA animal refuge, an animal rescue centre (swoon).
Nemo is a two year old Labrador-griffon cross and is named after Captain Nemo, a character from the President's favorite book, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.
The president reportedly paid €250 ($ 375.83) for his new puppy pal.