David Walliams’ transgender kids' book is being sold at Aldi and Australian parent's aren't happy

David Walliams’ transgender children’s book has aussie parents in an uproar.

By Holly Royce
A group of disgruntled parents have taken to Aldi Australia's Facebook page to complain following the retailer's decision to stock a “transgender” book by UK comedian, David Walliams.
The Boy in a Dress tells the story of a 12-year-old boy who likes wearing dresses, aiming to start conversations, promote diversity and challenge traditional gender roles.
The Boy in a Dress is also movie staring Walliams and Kate Moss.
The uproar began following a Facebook comment from a disappointed mother (who we are choosing not to name), who said:
“Aldi – we are so very disappointed in your decision to stock a book within your store – relating to transgenderism in children!
“We would ask that you reconsider your choice to sell it!
“Family & children must be protected in times where there are those whose agenda is to groom & sexualise them!
“We ask you to have a conscience in this matter!”
UK comedian, David Walliams.
A heated debate broke out, many people agreeing with the original poster.
"This is disturbing. ALDI’s concern should be to sell quality products to the customer and provide a good service (which you do).
“However you have now overstepped the line. Your role is not to propagate sexually confusing material to minors," said one.
"As a loyal customer I am extremely disappointed to find that you are actively promoting a book called The Boy in the Dress by David Walham [sic]", said another.
Among the calls of boycotting the store, people also spoke up to show their support for the decision.
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Nowtolove has reached out to Aldi for comment and will update with reply when received.