This is the reason we're spending more on our pets than ourselves

Australian's spend more than $12 billion annually on our beloved pets, and that's just the start of it...

By Holly Royce
We already know pet owners are more intelligent than their petless counterparts and that pets are way better than humans in general because science said it is so.
With all this in mind, it probably won't surprise you to learn that Australian's are spending an average of $115 per month to look after our pets.
In April of this year, a report found that as a nation we're spending $12 billion a year on our fur babies, now that seems like a lot but these are our pets we're talking about here.
In fact, people love their pets so much they are spending $7.3 billion more on pets than tech items, $6.4 billion more on pets than fashion items and $1.6 billion more on pets than entertainment and leisure for themselves.
Sounds reasonable.
This research has been provided by the Choosi Pet company, who also revealed that on average, dog-only owners tend to spend more on their pets than cat-only owners and that pet owners would be willing to sacrifice a lot of things in life for their pets, including personal luxuries, moving countries or moving homes.
And why is it that we're spending such an astronomical amount on pets?
Again, it's no surprise that most pet owners feel owning pets has had a positive impact on their mental well being and physical health, making them happier.
Can you really put a price on not only your own happiness but the happiness of your best friend?
Well yes you can. We just said it above, it's $12 billion.
Oh, and it turns out most of us think our pets often look like and have similar personalities to their owners - which could explain why we like them so darn much.
Attractive and smart little buggers aren't they?
The only have a short time on this earth, so we can all agree that they should be treated like the absolute blessed creatures they are.