Spin out: why you shouldn't bother using hot water to wash your clothes

Another laundry myth BUSTED!

By Amber Manto
In news that is guaranteed to rock your world and change the way your do laundry forever, hot water is no longer considered necessary when washing clothes.
Hear us out. Washing machine manufacturers have been gradually lowering required wash temperatures over the years in order to make their product more energy-efficient, as heating water accounts for at least 85 per cent of a machine's energy use.
This doesn't mean we're getting an inferior product though, newer front-loader washing machines are better at getting clothes clean than their older, top-loader water-guzzling counterparts.
Studies have found the warm cycle of front loaders and high-efficiency top loaders have dropped 15 degrees in the last 15 years and laundry detergent formulas have had to adapt in order to be just as effective at cleaning your clothes in colder water.
"Technological advances in both machines and detergents, and not just cold-specific detergents, have made cold washing a highly effective option," clothing-care expert Steve Boorstein told Real Simple.
It's tough, but we have faith you can do it. (Source: NBC)
When you consider washing on a warm cycle can use up to 10 times more energy as a cold wash (which will cost you about 20-40 cents per load), it pays to turn off the hot tap and get into the mindset that you just don't need it unless your clothes are really dirty.
It's tough, but we have faith you can do it. Happy washing.