Science says your kitchen sponge is disgusting and cleaning it won't help

Don't waste your time, just chuck it in the bin.

By Holly Royce
In what is possibly the most disgusting news you'll hear today - your kitchen sponge is absolutely filthy and no amount of cleaning it will help.
You may have heard the myths that you can clean a kitchen sponge by putting it in the microwave, popping it in the washing machine or even into the dishwasher to get rid of the bacteria.
Big. Fat. Nope.
A new study from the journal Scientific Reports says that almost any method of attempting to clean your kitchen sponge is entirely ineffective.
The study found that even sponges which were cleaned regularly carried the same amount of bacteria as those cleaned every few days.
The study also revealed that your kitchen is filthier than your entire bathroom, including your toilet and it's all "due to the contribution of kitchen sponges, which were proven to represent the biggest reservoirs of active bacteria in the whole house."
If you thought it couldn't get any worse - just wait one second.
Kitchen sponges are not only the biggest collector of germs and bacteria in the house, but also spread the bacteria over "domestic surfaces, which can lead to cross–contamination of hands and food, which is considered a main cause of food–borne disease outbreaks."
In summary your kitchen sponge is the dirtiest thing in your home, it can increase the spread of bacteria and cleaning it won't help.
Just chuck it in the bin.