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This is what Melania Trump eats in a day

It's safe to say Melania is one seriously disciplined woman.

With everything that's going on in the world, it may seem like a bizarre question, but inquiring minds really do want to know: What does Melania Trump eat?
As a former model, professional hand-swatter, and one of the most private first ladies ever to set foot in the White House, Melania's life — including her diet — has piqued the interest of many.
After doing a little digging, we were able to find out what the First Lady munches on each day.
From always eating the same breakfast to never following fads, it's safe to say Melania is one seriously disciplined woman.
Melania and Donald Trump attending an official dinner in Japan in May. Getty

She starts off on the right foot

Despite the fact that she's busier than most, the 47-year-old always makes time for breakfast - a healthy breakfast, that is.
A few years ago, Melania revealed to GQ that she usually starts off her day with either a bowl of fibre-rich oatmeal or a nutrient-packed smoothie "with a few ingredients and lots of vitamins in it."

She loves fruit

The Slovenian-born model helps keep her figure trim and skin glowing with antioxidant-rich fruit.
She reportedly has a goal to eat at least seven pieces of fruit a day (we're betting her smoothies are rife with them!)
Trump ticks into a baked potato, while Melania just .... looks at it. Getty

She doesn't deprive herself

Given how incredible she looks, many people may think that Melania deprives herself of anything sugary or, let's be real here, tasty, in order to keep her figure looking trim.
But that's not the case.
The First Lady isn't opposed to giving into her cravings — even if her cravings are for chocolate.
"I don't have a particular snack I always eat," she once said.
"If I would snack, I would snack on maybe fruit or a little bit of chocolate, because I think your body needs that, too."
She even admits to enjoying ice cream once in a while, saying, "It's good to indulge cravings and your tastes once in a while... as long as you balance those things with healthy foods."
Melania was "discovered" in 1987 at the age of 16 by renowned photographer Stane Jerko.

She doesn't do fad diets: Healthy eating is just part of her lifestyle

In addition to loading up on fruits and veggies, Melania is always sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and she never over-indulges in fatty or rich foods.
After she gave birth to her son Barron (and snapped back into shape), the model mum admitted that a heathy diet, plus Pilates classes two to three times a week, helped her "get back into shape" after giving birth.
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She does have a favorite meal — and it isn't healthy

Keeping with her "indulgence in moderation" mindset, the First Lady admitted in 2010 that her favorite meal in the world is the Chicken Parmigianino at the fancy New York bistro restaurant Jean Georges, which is located in Trump Tower.
Her drink of choice?
"Diet Coke from the classic glass bottles."
Well, alright then.
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