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Gordon Ramsay has been ridiculed online for serving food resembling genitals

Wonder how he likes the taste of his own tough love served ice cold?
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Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself on our TV screens as the original foul-mouthed, straight-talking chef and a fortune as well.

In November 2017 Forbes said Gordon Ramsay had a net worth of at least 60 Million and Time magazine has called him of the wealthiest and most famous chefs in the world.

But even this culinary powerhouse is not immune to online mockery as Gordon quickly found out after sharing an image of a Wagyu beef carpaccio starter online.

The 51-year-old Hell’s Kitchen star was left redfaced after people pointed out the gourmet meals resembled a part of the female anatomy.

The chef is a stickler for presentation which was clear in the photograph of the American Wagyu Carpaccio with a deviled quail egg, puffed rice paper and truffle salsa.

Some commenters focused on the lack of food on the plate (a regular gripe with gourmet dining) though others were not so kind, with many leaving VERY crude comments on the image. See some of the more tasteful allusions below.

“This would be a total hit at a convention for obstetricians.”

“A dish suitable for Midwives or Gynecologists…??.”

“It has to be a joke, doesn’t it?” another asked.

Some were quick to Gordon’s defence, “Ramsay isn’t working at a Chili’s. He is a world-renowned chef that puts class and presentation into his dishes. He is a five-star chef, not a line cook. Get over it.”

We don’t think Gordon needs anyone protecting him, plus the man has an excellent sense of humour, there’s no doubt he sees the funny side of this.

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