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Five delicious and easy lasagne recipes to feed the whole family

There's a reason this dish is still a national favourite.

By The Australian Women's Weekly
Lasagne is one of the most iconic family dinners; it's fairly simple, totally delicious and there are always leftovers to share around.
While plenty of home cooks swear by recipes passed down from mums, nans and even great-grandmothers (and a few dads too!) we've rounded up some of our favourites you just have to try.
Whether it's a vegetarian version for those who don't eat meat or a hearty beef dish free from major allergens, there really is something for everyone.
Keep scrolling for five of our favourite delicious and easy lasagne recipes.

Classic beef lasagne

There is a lot to love about a classic lasagne, with oozing layers of delicious beef mince covered in tomato sauce and topped with cheese, it's clear why this hearty meal is universally loved.
Served with a crisp salad, it's an all-in-one meal that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and it tastes even better the following day. That's if there's any left!

Vegetable lasagne

This delicious vegetarian lasagne might start out as your Meat-free Monday inspiration but, believe us, it's just as good on Tuesday for lunch!
This recipe and more can be found in our book, Detox Diet.

Lasagne bolognese

This is the way lasagne is traditionally made in Bologna ­ with chicken liver and milk in the sauce.
You'll never go back to your old lasagne recipe again after you taste our version.

Allergy-friendly beef lasagne

This delicious beef lasagne is gluten-free, wheat-free, yeast-free, dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free so no-one has to miss out on the traditional dish.

Spinach lasagne

A rich beef lasagne with the added flavour of garlic, mushrooms and wilted spinach, this classic family dish is sure to be a hit.
Serve with garlic bread and a green salad for the full retro experience.
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