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We asked 20 people to try DON's new All Natural Short Cut Bacon Rashers and report back

So what's the verdict?

If you're as obsessed with bacon as Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson or are just looking for ways to eat better this year, you're in luck.
DON has recently released its All Natural range of ham and bacon products that are better for you. The DON All Natural products contain no artificial ingredients, including no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. All artificial ingredients have been removed and replaced with natural, easier-to-understand ingredients.
The products still promise the same great taste, so we enlisted 20 members of the Trial Team to tell us what they thought of DON's All Natural Short Cut Bacon Rashers.
It scored an impressive 5/5 stars. Here's why...
"Over the last 12 months I have completely changed my diet and have adopted the low-carb way of living and bacon features heavily in my diet. I know - hard to believe that something so delicious could be considered in a diet of any kind! I have tried my fair share of bacon over the last 12 months and I am seriously impressed with the flavour of this option. I always cook my bacon in a cold pan as this helps to render the fat and to create a better crispy finish and short cuts are my favourite type to use as I can fit more in the pan. I regularly use bacon for lunch and have used this in my zucchini slice as well as my staple bacon and eggs for breakfast. The whole family love the flavour and it will be included on my shopping list as my preferred option from now on."
katek1, 5 stars
"Is it wrong that I was super excited to try this new bacon?! All jokes aside, the DON Smallgoods All Natural Short Cut Bacon Rashers are delicious! I was very interested in this product as it claims to be bacon that is lower in nitrates, does not contain any artificial ingredients, is gluten free and "better for you". The taste of the bacon was great, not too salty, not slimy as some packet bacon can be, and it also felt lighter, softer and pleasant to eat. Some bacon can be tough, chewy and have a strange metallic sheen to it but this DON's bacon was a nice pinkish natural colour, felt very soft, not tough and melted easily in the mouth when consumed and with absolutely no chewiness at all. I cooked this bacon in many ways to test the taste and quality including homemade pizzas, a pasta sauce along with traditional bacon and eggs. The flavour of the DON's All Natural Short Cut Bacon Rashers was fantastic in all dishes with all being enjoyed. It was not an overpowering bacon flavour, but an enjoyable mild bacon taste. One good point to mention about this bacon was that it remained flat in the pan when cooked over a low to medium heat meaning it maintained its shape and didn't curl up into nothing. Each rasher of bacon had very minimal fat content but just enough to stop the bacon from being very dry when cooked and consumed as some short rashers can be very dry to eat. Overall I highly recommend the DON Smallgoods All Natural Short Cut Bacon Rashers to everyone. The only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the packet only containing 6 rashers which is quite frankly, not enough."
CosmeticsGirl, 4 stars
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