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10 of the best Asian recipes that'll take your tastebuds on a tour of the tasty

Chopsticks at the ready.

Looking for a dish with an Asian twist during your lockdown cooking adventures?
Whether you're after Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian or Malaysian for dinner, we've rounded up 10 of the most amazing stir-fry and curry recipes that will satisfy your need for colourful cuisine.
Fragrant garlic and ginger infuse these fresh Asian greens - which should be just tender when cooked - and the tofu, and peanuts add crunch.
With authentic fish sauce, this winner can be on the table in less than 20 minutes. Great for those nights when you're almost considering ordering takeout, but 'healthy you' knows better.
Put some fiery flavour into your dinner-time with this easy stir-fry, which takes less time to make than does to order take out.
Give these beautiful king prawns a touch of the Caribbean - rolled in flaky coconut then fried to crispy perfection - before serving with either a zesty lemon, or spicy fish and lime sauce.
Bold Thai flavours of prawns, fish sauce, chilli and garlic combine to make this easy spicy salad.
Low in fat and calories but big on flavours of chilli, ginger and soy.
Prepare your tastebuds for a flavour extravaganza with cumin, coriander, cinnamon, chilli and ginger combining to ensure every mouthful is better than the last.
No need to order takeaway when you can whip this nutritious meal, full of authentic spices that have you reaching for the chopsticks before it's even hit the plate.
9. Lemon grass and beef rice paper rolls Click here for the recipe.
Best thing about these rolls (other than the fact they're moorish) is the fact you can make them ahead of time. Just place them seam-side down on a tray lined with plastic wrap, cover with damp paper towel and refrigerate until you're ready to serve.
10. Asian chicken broth The perfect broth to have with dumplings and the ideal meal for these cooler winter months.
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