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Seriously, you can now buy a pool lounge designed specifically for bigger-busted women

This will be a game-changer this summer!

By Fiona Wright
Picture this: The sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the sky. You've lathered yourself in SPF 50 sunscreen and you are relaxing on a pool lilo, when you decide it's time to roll over onto your front.
You should be comfortable, right? Well, if you're one of the larger breasted women amongst us, you most certainly are not.
You see, your breasts are currently being squeezed and flattened in every direction, outwards to your armpits and upwards underneath your chin.
Basically, it feels like you're in the middle of a mammogram. And it's not fun, at all.
Sound like a familiar scenario? Well, get ready to rejoice, as there's now a solution to this boob of a problem.
Bravissimo is a UK swimwear and lingerie company that celebrates, inspires, and creates products specifically for larger-chested ladies.
This image began as a giggle but proved to be the prototype for the new pool lounger. (Image: Instagram/Bravissimo)
On April 1, as an Apil Fool's joke, the company posted a sketch to their social media pages of a pool float that had a designated section for breasts.
What began as a joke was actually taken seriously by followers, with many begging the company to make this a real product.
"Cup holders. Bravissimo style!" The pool float can be ordered from UK website Bravissimo. (Image: Instagram/Bravissimo)
And so Bravissimo got started on designs, taking care to ensure the added "cup holders" had room for breasts of all sizes, was comfortable, and actually worked.
A few months later and the Bravissimo Lilo with "cup holders" is now available.
"Absolutely perfect for my enormous 38J boobs plus storage space for my phone, tissues, glasses, sun screen and lip balm. Fantastic idea and oh so comfy. I use mine in the garden and it's perfect. Well done Bravissimo!" commented one lilo fan to the Bravissimo website.
And just like that, women with larger breasts can truly enjoy their summer by the pool and we have a product that is truly worthy of a "booby prize".
Illustrated here is just one of the benefits of large breasts. (Image: Instagram/Bravissimo)