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Missile and terrorist attacks: Does travel insurance cover?

In the wake of news that North Korea has fired a missile at Japan, how will this affect any upcoming travel plans?

By Holly Royce
Thousands of Australian's have booked *flights to Japan following the return of Jetstar's Japan Sale, the Japan return for free sale.
With the unexpected news that North Korea has fired another missile at Japan, among the feeling of shock, many Australian's are starting to wonder how will this affect any upcoming travel plans.
We have reached out to numerous Jetstar officials to find out for certain and will update as soon as we hear back. In the meantime, there are a few things that you need to know about travel insurance.

Travelling is fraught with unforeseen incidents that threaten to dent even the most carefully arranged holiday.
In the wake of the attacks in France, London and now Spain, Aussie travellers currently abroad or about to head off to enjoy the European summer may be even more apprehensive.
Everyone is asking the question: does my travel insurance cover terrorist attacks?
Bessie Hassan is an insurance expert at finder.com.au . She told Now to Love that terrorism is an increasing concern for Aussie travellers, in fact, "our recent survey shows it’s our biggest fear when we board a plane."
Bessie has some simple tips to provide travellers with peace of mind.

Do your research

Do your research before you head off overseas, ensure you’re aware of scheduled festivals during your visit, and be cautious in regards to attending high-traffic events or tourist hotspots.

Let people know where you are

Monitor travel advice, register your plans and update your contact details with smarttraveller.gov.au. If required, reconsider your need to travel. Currently, the travel advice for Spain is ‘green’ and travellers are required to exercise normal safety precautions.

Make smart decisions

If you find yourself in a high-threat location, make smart decisions. Avoid areas with poor security, always carry a mobile phone, ensure you’re familiar with that particular country's emergency services number and report any suspicious behaviour.

Compare travel insurance options

Compare travel insurance options and ensure you invest in the best value insurance coverage. It's also important for Aussies travellers to know what they are covered for when it comes to terrorism incidents or travelling to a destination with a travel warning.

Print off a copy of your insurance

Before you leave Australia, print off a copy of your insurance policy or make sure it’s flagged in your email. In the policy it should list the contact details for your travel insurer’s emergency response team and your policy number. Keep these somewhere handy like your phone.

Be aware of exclusions before you travel

Some insurance companies cover terror-related issues, others don’t. Many insurers will exclude cover for cancellations and delays as a result of a terror incident, and all require strict observance of travel warnings to qualify for cover. It’s best to be aware of these exclusions before you travel but if you’re unsure whether you are covered call your insurer directly to find out.

And if a a travel warning gets upgraded while I'm away?

If a travel warning does get upgraded while you are on holiday, most insurers will cover you for cancellation costs, providing that the travel warning was issued after the start date of your policy.