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'I Interviewed Meghan and Harry, and they're totally in love': Reporter recalls meeting newlyweds

''I couldn't help but completely fall for Meghan and Prince Harry as a couple when I met them.''

Tina Daheley, BBC reporter, remembers the day she met newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
I'm a cynical journalist by profession. It's my job to question everything, but I couldn't help but completely fall for Meghan and Prince Harry as a couple when I met them ahead of hosting the first Royal Foundation Forum in March.
The look of love! A BBC reporter recalls meeting 'totally in love' Harry and Meghan.
They seem like the perfect couple; totally in love and completely in awe of each other. The forum was their first public appearance with Prince William and Catherine and I knew that the world would be watching, analysing their body language, intently searching for any sign that suggested they didn't get on, instead of focusing on the charitable causes they spoke so passionately about.
Reporter Tina Daheley met the now newlyweds at their first royal engagement with Prince William and Catherine.
The relationship between Meghan and Catherine garnered the most attention, of course (God forbid two women actually get on!) But I'm here to report that from what I saw - they do. Meghan is a 'girl's' girl' who is unwaveringly focused on empowering girls and women with a pre-Harry history of doing so.
"They're completely in awe of each other."
What follows may sound too worthy, but as a couple they seem to passionately care about the issues I too feel strongly about - giving a voice to the voiceless and helping the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society and that's why, once the wedding celebrations are over, I'm hopeful that they'll use their privileged position to do good.
This is true love if we ever saw it!
Perhaps the only person unimpressed with the royal wedding, as I half-jokingly told Meghan when I met her, is my own mother! After getting engaged just a month after Harry and Meghan, I had to break the news to my mother that May was a no-go for my wedding because I was covering theirs live from Windsor for television.
So, post May 19th it's full-steam ahead planning my big day - but in the meantime I'm totally buying into this modern day fairytale.
This article first appeared on Grazia UK.