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Affordable Valentine's Day gifts for him under $25

Stumped as to what to buy that special someone this V-day? Look no further than right here for cheap Valentine's Day gifts that are set to make his heart melt...

By Ellie McDonald
It's that time of year again – y'know, the time where you're left asking yourself: "What's the perfect gift for him?" "Are there any gifts I can make for him that aren't boring/too expensive to pull off?" "Where are the cheap Valentine's Day gifts at?!"
Yes, that's right, folks: another year, another Valentine's Day spent wondering what affordable Valentine's Day gifts are good/not-too-cheesy to go the distance.
Well, not only have we rounded up gifts that can be delivered toyour numero uno, but we've handpicked Valentine's Day gifts for him you can make yourself, all under $25.
Starting with...

Gifts for him under $25

Need to give your S.O a proverbial kick up the backside to get his life admin in order? THIS book is the most inspirational/rewarding-for-him way to do so.
Like, who wouldn't get a kick out of a portable fun? When it comes to cheap Valentine's day gifts for your partner, this is a winner.
Mr Fix-It will LOVE this all-in-one tool kit - and so will you when you need him to give you a hand reefing a rogue raised nail out of your scuffed-up floorboards.
These sauces are made for the guy who has to flavour EVERYTHING in hot sauce (even if he's eating teriyaki-flavoured food...)
This cheap and cheerful Valentine's Day gift is made for the guy who likes to take happy snaps on the fly.
Feeling the stretch of a long-distance this Valentine's Day? Make your partner feel your love with this sweet personalised pillow.
This is more than just a bottle opener – it's a hand-cut piece of steel forged out of railroad spikes out of Chicago. Yep, this bottle opener makes for excellent barbecue banter.
Need a gift for your husband that is as easy on your wallet as it is practical? This all-purpose beer bag has you covered.

Romantic gifts for him you can make