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5 Father’s Day presents that aren’t boring socks or cuff links

And it’s not too late to buy them!

By Kate Wagner
Father’s Day is a rough day because, let’s be honest, shopping isn’t designed for men. You can have a whole department store with a million different options for women, but you’re always pointed towards cuff links for dads even though no one wears French cuff shirts anymore so riddle me that.
To help, and because we know you’ve for sure left it until the weekend to go shopping, we’ve compiled five easy gifts for dad that won’t make him inwardly sigh and wonder who can regift them to.
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1. Sunglasses

Spring has officially sprung, my friends, and that means the bright sun is well on its way. No matter what your dad is into - be it manning the barbie, running, playing golf - he definitely goes outside, right? That means he needs sunglasses, especially if he hasn’t invested since 2003 when those absurdly small ones were a thing.
Maui Jim is pretty synonymous with dads, but now it’s in a cool way, or even a classic pair of Ray Bans. Really, as long as they’re not from the servo you should be good.
Maui Jim Kahi sunglasses RRP $319

2. Camping chair

If your dad’s a camper or pops down to watch the kids play sport on the weekend, get him a lush camp chair.
Think about it: everyone wants to be living that luxurious lifestyle, but no one’s first thought is the humble chair. And watching five-year-olds attempt to play soccer is a lot easier if you’re comfy.
You can grab one at any camping store or even ALDI if you’re lucky.

3. Adrenalin voucher

Gift cards might be palmed off as not thoughtful, but that’s an outright lie. Is there any better gift than getting exactly what you want? Absolutely not.
If your dad’s the kind of guy that needs to feel his heart pumping, an adrenaline gift card could be the thing that pushes him to jump out of a plane, abseil down a building or climb a bridge. And next Father’s Day, you can give him a framed photo of his screaming face as he plunges from a plane – genius.
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4. Good old-fashioned alcohol

If your dad isn’t really the kind of guy who’s into “stuff”, or blatantly disregards your present-buying plight by instantly buying whatever he wants, can you really go past just a good old-fashioned bottle of booze?
I mean, put a little effort in and personalise it or maybe get something fancy he won't drink for 5 years. If you pair it with a good card, you’re golden.
If you’re in the Sydney area and a bottle-o is just that bit too far, or you actually completely forgot why you’d popped around to his house for lunch on Sunday, you can order a personalised hamper from Menulog. You get to choose what’s in the pack and it comes with a heartfelt card on delivery, so it’s almost like you’d been planning for weeks.

5. Sport headphones

If you’ve got a fit dad on your hands, these headphones are the perfect gift. They’re designed so the chord doesn’t interfere with your flailing arms while you run (just me?) and don’t plop out of your ear every couple of steps.
There’s a whole heap of brands so you can pick based on how fancy you want to get. The Under Armour Sport ones, for example, also give you an instant heart rate statistic, while the JBL Reflect Contour pair is there purely for the beats, and you can grab either at the local mall.
So there you have it - you're on your way to being the favourite kid. Unless your sibling buys them a weekend away or something...