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Easy Easter art and craft ideas for kids

Make the holiday more fun by getting the kids involved!

Throw yourself into Easter craft with our pretty pinatas, paper crowns, feather headpieces, golden eggs and carrot treat bags.
Gold leaf Easter eggs
What you need to make Gold leaf Easter eggs
Eggs, a pencil or pen, tacky craft glue, gold leaf sheets and tweezers.
Boil eggs so they are hard boiled. Leave to cool.
Draw a festive, Easter-inspired design onto your eggs – we chose to draw a bunny silhouette.
Squeeze glue onto the centre of your drawn shape and work until you have covered the shape up to the outlines.
Take small pieces of gold leaf – you can use a pair of tweezers to do this – and start to cover the glued area. Build up the gold leaf until the area is completely covered. Leave to dry.
Easter Paper Hats
What you need to make Easter paper hats
Cardboard, scissors, pencil, decorative paper, stapler, tacky craft glue and pompoms.
Cut a strip of cardboard around 15cm wide and around 40cm long.
Draw triangles at the top of your crown with a pencil.
Stick the decorative paper onto the cardboard and cut out the triangles to 
make the crown shape.
Staple your crown together – measure around your little one's head before stapling for the perfect fit.
Glue small pompoms (we purchased ours from Spotlight, spotlight.com.au) onto the tips of the crown. Leave to dry.
Feather Headpiece
What you need to make a feather headpiece
Ribbon – a wide one in cream and 
a slightly narrower coloured one, feathers (we purchased ours from Spotlight, spotlight.com.au), tacky craft glue and scissors.
Take your cream-coloured wider ribbon and lay down flat.
Place a selection of different coloured feathers onto the ribbon. Once you've decided on placement, glue your feathers onto the ribbon.
Take a second piece of ribbon and glue onto your feathers to conceal the ends. Leave to dry.
Take your coloured ribbon and glue this onto the back of the strip – leave 
the ends long. Leave this to dry.
Paper carrot treat bags
What you need to make paper carrot treat bags
Orange cardboard, Green cardboard, scissors, tacky craft glue, a stapler, a pencil and green ribbon.
Trace a circle onto your orange card and cut out the circle.
Roll circle into a cone shape and glue or staple at the seam. Leave glue to dry.
Tie a bow with your ribbon and glue 
it onto the front of the orange cone.
Cut out a thin green strip to create the green top handle (for a longer handle, cut along the long side of A4 paper).
Glue the handle onto the inside of 
the treat bag.
Fill with lollies and enjoy.
Easter Egg Piñatas
What you need to make Easter egg piñatas
Balloons, ribbon, newspaper, tacky craft glue, water, scissors, crepe paper and treats to fill piñata.
Inflate balloons and tie with a ribbon.
Tear the newspaper into small pieces – 
the pieces should be small enough that 
they don't wrinkle and fold when placed 
on the balloon.
Prepare the papier-mâché mixture – mix one part tacky craft glue to half a part water.
Soak the newspaper pieces in the mixture. The wetter they are, the easier they are to stick onto the balloon.
Lay the pieces on the balloon, making 
sure to cover the entire surface and as close around the balloon knot as possible.
Hang balloon on a ribbon to dry.
Once dry, repeat Steps 4 to 6 to apply a 
second layer.
Leave the balloon to dry overnight, then use scissors to cut a hole near the balloon knot to release the air. When the balloon is completely deflated, remover it from your piñata.
Cut crepe paper into thin strips.
Cut strips into fringes.
Using tacky craft glue, attach a fringe 
to the egg. Continue attaching fringes until you have covered the entire balloon.
Fill your piňata with treats and hang until it's time to enjoy breaking the piñata.

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