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Buying an SUV? Here are the 5 key safety features to ask for

When it comes to transporting you and your family, opt for the best.

Buying a new car comes with many decisions, from how much it costs to run to space, interiors and of course wow factor. However, the most important thing to consider should be safety.
With design and technology advancing in recent years, cars are so smart they can actually prevent accidents. But while many carry a significant price tag, there's one smart SUV that has all the safety tech you need without the extra cost.
Enter Haval's new Jolion. With the look and feel of a premium SUV, it boasts cutting-edge safety features for a pinch of the price. And - for peace of mind - all vehicles are backed by a seven-year unlimited kilometre warranty, which will save a packet in the long run.
When it comes to transporting you and your family, opt for the best. From preventing minor prangs to helping you avoid serious collisions, the Jolion's safety features are intuitive, innovative and smart at every level.
Here are the five essential SUV safety features to ask for (bonus: Haval Jolion has 'em all):

1. An intuitive emergency brake

Anyone who has ever experienced a pedestrian stepping out in front of them or a cyclist hot on their front end knows the panic. Enter Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).
How does it work? "The Jolion AEB system uses radar to detect the distance between you and the car in front," explains Steve Maciver, Head of Marketing & Communications at GWM Australia. "In the event that an imminent impact is detected, AEB is automatically applied to the brakes to significantly reduce the risk. In addition to detecting vehicles, it also detects pedestrians and cyclists."

2. Assistance to keep you driving inside the lines

Ahhh – the rumble strip. Most of us have been jolted into alertness after swerving onto this bumpy, noisy road safety feature. But there's another way to stay say in one's lane – Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
How does it work? "The Lane Keep Assist detects your car's position in the lane and in the event the vehicle drifts across the lane markings, it will gently adjust the steering to realign the vehicle back into the centre of the lane," explains Maciver

3. The smartest cruise control ever

Sick of worrying about accidently speeding or tailgating? The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop and Go will ensure you're keeping within the speed limit and at a safe distance from the car in front of you, making your next road trip smoother and stress-free.
How does it work? This nifty feature uses radar to keep a fixed distance between you and the vehicle in front while you have cruise control on. If the driver ahead of you slows down or comes to a complete stop, the ACC will adjust your vehicle's speed or brake accordingly.

4. Never miss a blind spot again

Say goodbye to surprises in your blind spots and feel safer in your driving experience.
How does it work? The Jolion's state-of-the-art Blind Spot Detection uses radar in the rear of the vehicle to identify when another car is in your blind spot, then alerting you via visual warning in the side mirrors.

5. Eyes in the back of your head

We've all been there – bunny hopped the curb, side swiped our wheels on a gutter while reversing… but no more thanks to a 360 degree monitoring system.
How does it work? "This impressive camera provides a bird's eye 360 degree view on the central display to make any parking manoeuvre simple," says Maciver. Having eyes in the back of your head so you won't miss a thing when reversing out of your driveway? Now that is smart.