"We didn't have sex" says Sam Frost of Bachelor Blake

Sam Frost, the jilted ex-fiancee of Bachelor Blake Garvey has confirmed that their short-lived relationship was never actually consummated.
When Sam appeared on Kyle and Jackie O’s KIIS FM radio show this morning, she admitted that the couple had never had sex during their short-lived romance.
"Can I ask you ... Sam: the sex. How often, when did it happen, did it happen, was it any good?" Kyle asked.
"No, we didn't have sex," Sam replied.
She did however, admit to seeing Blake naked before they broke up and Kyle attempted to ask her about the size of his package: "I'm not saying a thing!" she laughed.
The pair spent some of their only time together after the show in a hotel room in Sydney when they were in town to promote the show as it first went to air, but she said things never got heated.
“He was doing all this PR stuff. It was a very very short time that we had. We were just chatting,” she said.
“To be honest, it was quite weird. I knew that he wasn’t one hundred per cent in this – you should be all over each other and you should be able to feel that chemistry and everything like that but he just wasn't there.”
When Jackie O asked: “Were you worried at that point? Were you thinking: What's going on - why doesn't he initiate something?”
Sam responded “Absolutely”.
She also explained to the radio hosts that it was difficult to talk to Blake.
"You know those fumbling answers that he gives? That's what it's like talking to him."
During a television interview on The Project earlier in the week, Sam said that the pair didn’t even see each other in person after returning home from South Africa. Coming home to Australia, they both went back to their respective home states and were under instructions not to be seen together in order to not spoil the shows ending for viewers.
In this exclusive photo shoot with Woman’s Day just after Blake popped the question, the pair seemed loved-up and romantic, but as it turns out, their “romance” was never even consummated.
“I let him have his time and distance, [since then] we just hung out as friends – we haven’t had any time together as a couple,” she said.
“Sam says that after filming ended Skype was their main means of contact. “As soon as the cameras stopped rolling, I feel he switched off.”
The Bachelor himself had his own turn on the same radio show yesterday when he hung up on hosts Kyle and Jackie O as they tried to put him through on a call to Sam. Sam says though that she “would've hung up” on her ex if she'd taken his call and that she had already blocked his phone number.
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