You had us at parmigiana: The first episode of The Bachelor 2015 did not disappoint

After last year’s controversy, many were wary about how the 2015 season of The Bachelor would pan out, but after one episode it looks like the nation is completely hooked!

By Blake Nadilo
The Bachelor has kicked off in spectacular fashion which already has us begging for more!
On Wednesday evening, Sam Wood was the perfect gentlemen as he greeted the gorgeous girls vying for his love, and in an interview with The Project ahead of the first episode, the 35-year-old revealed his sensitive side.
“Saying goodbye, particularly towards the end when you've really spent a fair bit of time with these girls was much harder than I thought,” he explained to the panel.
Those first goodbyes were given to two Queenslanders, 24-year-old Jessica and 31-year-old Zilda, while the extra special white rose was given to Sydney stunner Heather.
Heather will now be able to cash in a date with Sam whenever she wants.
In addition to being surrounded by breath-takingly attractive women, the Tasmanian-born reality star has also received some more good news.
In the court of social media opinion, the new Bach has already won over thousands of hearts, with plenty of fans tweeting their support for the handsome child sports instructor.
The all-important ratings looked good too, with The Bachelor raking in a viewership of almost 850,000 – making it the most watched non-news program of the night.
Most significantly though, this latest season of the dating show had the most crucial element in spades… drama!
“If you don’t gossip then you’re clearly not a woman,” was the comment from 27-year-old Sandra to Reshael, 28, that kicked off the show's first fight.
Despite Rashael trying to play no part in hurricane Sandra’s attack, she somehow became the centre of her bizarre tirade.
Not one to be bogged down by the truth, Sandra told the gathered ladies: “Reshael said I would cause drama by backstabbing people. You put me out there as this terrible person and I'm not. I wear my heart on my sleeve,” cue an outpouring of bitchy comments and fantastic television!
We are waiting with bated breath for tonight’s episode where our very own editor-in-chief, Fiona Connolly will be making a special appearance to direct some of the girls on a photoshoot.
We have it on very good authority that the first ever group date will be a hoot and the best snaps from the shoot will be appear in the upcoming issue of Woman’s Day magazine, on sale Monday!

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