The cast of The Nanny reunite!

Cast members from the hilarious 1993 sitcom The Nanny reunited over the weekend, and the results are nothing short of AMAZING.

By Katie Skelly
Our hearts broke when the hit CBS show The Nanny came to a teary end after six hilarious seasons.
But on March 19, three key cast members got together for a mini reunion; 17 years after the curtain fell on the iconic show, and let’s just say that it was incredible.
To celebrate Renee Taylor’s 83rd birthday, both Charles Shaughnessy (who played the oh-so-charming Maxwell Sheffield) and Fran Drescher (who played Fran Fine) gathered for a night of memories and celebrations.
And in true 2016 style, they took selfies!
The Nanny cast reunite, 17 years after the final episode!
Renee, who played Fran’s mother Sylvia, didn’t look a day over sixty as she posed with her former cast members.
Charles Shaughnessy, now 61, took to Facebook to share the candid snaps along with the comedic caption: "An evening with the mother in law! Happy Birthday, Renee!!"
The handsome Brit also uploaded a second image of just him and his on-screen wife, sharing a close embrace at 58-year-old, Fran's Beverly Hills home.
“Charles Shaughnessy & Fran Drescher together for Renée Taylor's birthday last weekend at Fran's house,” he captioned the pic.
Too many feels! The reunion pics turned up the nostalgia.
Unfortunately, it appeared that everyone's favourite butler, Niles and C.C. Babcock were too busy bickering with each other to join the celebrations.
Also absent were Mr. Sheffield's three little children who are now, well, not so little.
Nicholle Tom who played the eldest daughter Maggie is now aged 38, Benjamin Salisbury who played Maxwell's only son is now 25, and Madeline Zima who played little Gracie is now a 30-year-old Hollywood actress.
Watch Renee Taylor and Fran Drescher work their magic in the player below. Post continues after the video!
Before she was the lady in red, Fran Drescher portrayed many minor characters in a vast range of television shows and movies, but what she was really waiting for was her big break in Hollywood.
In the mid-90s, Fran was a passenger on a flight from France to the US when she heard that the head of the CBS TV network was on the same aircraft.
Having always dreamed of having her own show, the charismatic beauty decided to seized the moment and introduce herself with the hopes to set up a meeting with the TV executive.
A year later, The Nanny came to life on the small screen.
Apparently it wasn't all smiles and laughter on set. “It wasn’t a fun experience,” Madeline Zima (M) said of her time on The Nanny. "They treated me more like a prop than like a human being.”

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