The Bachelor’s Blake hangs up on Kyle and Jackie O

It looks like Kyle Sandilands has pushed The Bachelor star Blake Garvey too far.
Blake, who was interviewed on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning hung up on the pair after he was asked to leave a voicemail message on ex-fiancee and former The Bachelor contestant Sam Frost's phone.
Blake only discovered who was being called once the phone had already started ringing.
“I'm not going to do that out of respect. I’m not going to do that, but thank you for your time,” he said as Sam’s phone went to voicemail.
Kyle and Jackie soon realised that Blake had hung up and left Sam their own impromptu message.
"Oh he's left me hanging," Kyle said.
"It's no news to you, right when it's important for him to do what he's supposed to do, he pulls out."
Blake had earlier told Kyle and Jackie O that there was no way he would be getting back with Sam and that he was looking forward to some time with family and friends following the split.
Meanwhile, a clearly "blindsided" Sam admits she was in complete "shock" when Blake called it quits after just six weeks.
Exclusively telling Woman's Day she often "felt lonely" during their brief engagement, Sam says she now feels no desire to speak to Blake or face him about the breakup. “I put a lot into it and I really tried,” she said.

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