EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette Australia's Ryan tells all

Thursday night’s episode of the beloved dating show saw the end for the handsome Heath Ledger look-alike. We caught up with Ryan Palk to debrief on his time in the Bachelor Mansion.

Thursday night’s action-packed instalment of Georgia’s journey to finding true, lasting love saw romances blossom like that of a fairytale.
After an awkward “lip bump” that sent him dangerously close to the Friend Zone, Fireman Cam finally had his chance at a one-on-one date - and what a magical ride it was!
A group date saw the burly bunch literally fight it out for a fleeting moment with the stunning journalist, who had an absolute ball tricking her suitors into a shirtless, oiled-up session…
“You’re welcome,” Georgia said to the women of Australia, complete with a wink.
But while it was puppies, poems and pasta puns for some, one handsome Bachelor simply fell short and, come the nail-biting rose ceremony, failed to secure his spot in the Mansion for another week.
We sat down with newly evicted Ryan to chat about his time in the mansion - read on for his telling interview!
RYAN, 28, sailing coach
How do you feel about Georgia?
She’s a great girl! I think for her and I, we were probably always in a place of just being friends. And after the handful of conversations we’ve had, It became more and more obvious.
I think she did the right thing in the end by sending me home.
Were you upset to leave the Bachelor Mansion feeling like you didn’t spend enough time together?
Yeah, I think there was a part of me that wondered, ‘What if?’
We didn’t really get too much time together, particularly one-on-one, so it would have been interesting to see what that would have been like. But at the same time, she needs to connect with someone on all levels, and if it wasn’t happening for us, it just wasn’t happening.
Why did you decide to go on The Bachelorette?
Well, my sister actually nominated me – behind my back! I hadn’t been in a relationship for a while and she was probably just trying to shake things up for me.
When I got the call, I was hesitant at first but then I just thought, ‘Why not?!’ Before I knew it I was on the show!
The Bachelors, in all their glistening glory, bared all for Georgia...
Did you have to sacrifice much to try and find love on the show?
Yeah, definitely. But in the end, I had to ask myself three questions: will I make friends, will I learn something and will I have changed mine or someone else’s life?
The opportunity to go on the show ticked those boxes!
Have you found love since the show ended for you?
No, I’ve just been laying low since leaving. I’m just happy to be by myself for a bit and get my private life private again.
With such loud personalities in the Mansion, did you feel pressure to perform?
I could definitely sense pressure from some guys, who felt they needed to do more than they normally would, but I just kept being me. I’m not one who would cause a stir or get involved in drama.
“We had enough time to realise that we could leave it there and just be friends.”
In last night’s episode, there were a few questions raised as to whether some of the guys were really there for the right reasons. Did you see this explored in the house?
It was interesting to see how some acted around Georgia compared to how they really were in the Mansion. I think some guys were there for true love, some we’re maybe getting over an ex-partner and others we’re there for fame.
I think Georgia has a pretty good judge of character, though, so she will figure it out.
Who do you think will win Georgia’s heart?
I’d put my money on Cam, Lee or Courtney!
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