Simon Cowell’s very awkward slip-up on The X factor…

The celebrity judge is facing a wave of Twitter teasing after a wardrobe malfunction caused fans to question whether he accidentally exposed himself.

By Katie Skelly
We’re guessing Simon Cowell woke up to some very awkward notifications on his phone this morning…
The media mogul appeared to suffer a rather unfortunate slip-up on last night’s judges’ houses episode of The X Factor UK.
As the 56-year-old relaxed on the couch beside spice girls Mel B and Emma Bunton, he lifted his leg to fold beside the other while listening to the talented contestants sing their hearts out.
But it would seem that the star’s decision to go barefoot got the better of him when he unexpectedly twitched his big toe, causing all eyes to draw to an area which suddenly resembled something else…
Naturally, Twitter exploded at the sinister slip-up, with fans throwing their very best jokes at the judge’s expense.
One viewer wrote: “Has @SimonCowell had a wardrobe malfunction or is he enjoying these auditions a bit too much? #XFactor."
Watch the awkward slip-up for yourself in the video player above!
Uhhh... Surely a producer should have spotted this?
Another shared a suggestive eggplant emoji, accompanied by the caption, “So… #SimonCowell has had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction #XFactor2016 #Xfactor #JudgesHouses.”
And the controversy of Simon’s actions didn’t end there.
Twitter exploded once again when the music tycoon criticised finalist Samantha Lavery for wearing what he deemed to be too much make-up.
“Samantha I wish we had met without what you think is your pop star image,” he said to the wildcard.
“With you I think we've had a bit of a mask put up. I'd almost like to see you without so much make-up,” adding: “All I'm saying is I want to peel away the mask. Does that sound bad?”
Turning to his guest judges for backup, Mel B snapped back, "It is bad... that's what kids do," while Baby Spice retaliated that the teen was “allowed to experiment."
Simon said the teen was "brave" for returning with no make-up on.
Shortly after, fans took to Twitter to express their rage at Simon’s critique.
“Thank you @SimonCowell for reminding us that women aren't allowed to dress how we want - by shaming a 17 yr old on national TV,” one disgruntled fan wrote.
Another quipped: “How rude of @SimonCowell to ask this girl to take her makeup off and change her clothes. The best way to damage someone’s confidence.”
Simon is yet to respond to both his questionable comments and his unfortunately placed toe.
This fan's reaction was favoured by many.

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