Real Housewives of Sydney's Matty Samaei loves her boobs

The beautician from Double Bay will be bouncing up the cast of Real Housewives of Sydney.

Beauty therapist Matty Samaei shared her infinite wisdom to The Daily Telegraph, telling them what exactly she brings to the Sydney edition of the Real Housewives franchise.
"I've got great boobs and a great body!"Adding, “I enjoy passionate kisses with my fiance and my two daughters are my life."
“People think I’m volatile but passion comes with fire.”
Meet Sydney's new first ladies.
Matty loves to look after herself.
The 42-year-old is a former nurse turned entrepreneur.
Matty came to Australia with her Persian family at the age of 12.
Identifying with Modern Family's Sofia Vergara, the beautician has had a boob job, a nose job at the age of 18, lipo on her thighs and Botox and collagen injections.
Filming for the reality show is set to begin next month starring painter Athena Levendi, real estate agent Krissy Marsh, commentator Lisa Oldfield, actor Melissa Tkautz, former Miss Australia winner Nicole O’Neill and interior decorator Victoria Rees.

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