“My first bikini, at 42!” Biggest Loser's Alison Braun chats exclusively to Woman’s Day about her incredible weight loss

She has lost a huge 64 kg but it took The Biggest Loser’s 
Alison Braun a further seven years 
to buy her first bikini!

Alison Braun won the hearts of the nation when she decided to change her life and compete on The Biggest Loser.
The mum-of-three looks back to 2008 and recalls life at 126kg.
“I was horrified. I couldn’t believe how big I was!” she admitted, in an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day magazine.
Confiding exclusively to Woman’s Day Alison revealed how she turned her life around.
Her astounding achievement is inspiring, the pretty blonde not only lost 55.2kg on the show, but has since dropped almost 7kg more and had a breast augmentation – and finally found the confidence to hit the beach.
Despite achieving her goals, Alison has faced heartbreaking adversity, after losing her husband.
Throughout the tragic time Alison admitted, in her exclusive interview with Woman’s Day magazine that it was important for her to continue being healthy.
Alison also talked about how she lost all how weight and maintained the amazing results! She also gives us a look into her day to day diet.
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