Bang Bang! Delta Goodrem storms off set after clashing with Jessie J on The Voice

Things are certainly heating up on this season of The Voice with newcomer Jessie J and our favourite resident coach, Delta Goodrem, locking horns.

By Chloe Lal
The divas certainly had us spinning in our chairs after Delta stormed off the set following a disagreement with the British popstar.
“I'm over this s**...I give up,” she fumed while holding back tears. The Innocent Eyes* hitmaker proceeded to grab her phone and run away, before telling the others: “I'm out.”
The Aussie sweetheart and Jessie J have been butting heads throughout the blind auditions and on last night's episode, Delta finally snapped during an argument over Queensland singing teacher Tamara Callaghan's rendition of Marilyn Monroe's iconic Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.
Despite no chairs turning around for the charismatic red head, Delta congratulated Tamara on her performance and encouraging her that she was “100 percent on the right path.”
But not everyone was as positive, with 27-year-old Jessie J disagreeing with the resident nice girl.
“I wouldn't agree. I felt like it wasn't serious and I felt like you're hiding behind something,” the Bang Bang singer told to Delta and Tamara.
Before adding the final stab: “I felt disconnected to you because what you was doing was like it didn't feel like you.”
This comment enraged Delta and caused her to mutter, “It's entertainment!”
Trying to smooth out the interaction, Delta addressed Tamara, “I get what Jessie's trying to do... I was just making a point, that if you're going for that kooky vibe, then you're a gorgeous human being up there and no-one's gonna take that away from you.”
However Jessie tried to continue her critique of the Queensland singer which only enraged Delta even more and promoted her to rip out her ear piece and microphone and boldly announce: “I'm over this s*. I give up!”
Jessie was confused by Delta’s reaction and asked her: “Why'd you take your mic out?”
The British singer apologised about the awkwardness and tension, before Joel tried to put the situation at ease with his charm.
“I haven't said anything yet and I wanted to say, well done for getting up there, congratulations and thank you for coming.”
The final straw was when Jessie J got up to congratulate Tamara at the same time as Delta, prompting the former Neighbours actress to leave the set for a breather.
Tensions were mounting between Jessie J and Delta on Sunday's episode of The Voice.
Mediator, Ricky Martin calmed Jessie down, telling her, “Don’t worry.”
With Jessie responding, “I know she's annoyed with me and angry, genuinely angry.”
Backstage, Delta explained that she could only ever give positive critique to her fellow performers.
“I can't watch artists on stage be embarrassed,” she admitted.
Once calming down, the girls carried on with the show and avoided talking to each other.
This isn’t the first time the pair have butted heads. A week ago Jessie J "threw Delta under the bus" when she encouraged a performed to go with the Madden boys, despite never observing the coaches in their element.
“I think that was b*,” Delta fumed over the incident.
Viewers at home have picked up on the Delta and Jessie J feud and were more than happy to comment on social media.
“Wow Delta and Jessie J really actually hate each other #TheVoiceAU,” @ajRAFAEL wrote.
“Jessie J needs to know when to talk and offer an opinion and when not to. That was a bit rude towards Delta #thevoiceau #whyamiwatchingthis, “ @jaime_louise added.
Meanwhile former Voice contestant Prinnie Stevens also weighted in on the battle.
“It's genuine, I will tell you that,” mother-of-one Prinnie said during an interview on Weekend Today on Sunday morning.
Describing it as the “battle of the babes,” she added, “Jessie J is just such a strong personality and Delta is so nurturing and loving and two of them in the same room, it's crazy.”
Tune it tonight to see if the pair continue to battle out or opt to sing in perfect harmony!

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