How the death of spearmint leaves threatened kids cake favourite Stella the Stegosaurus

The announcement that the once-popular ‘spearmint leaves’ lollies were discontinued rendered a Women’s Weekly birthday cake favourite a threatened species.

By Now to Love Staff
In 2016, the world woke to the news that lolly manufacturer Allen's had decided to discontinue several of its popular treats, including spearmint leaves. Arguably no-one was more concerned than Stella the Stegosaurus.
The future of the dinosaur cake – a favourite from the iconic Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book – is under threat since its main ingredient was consigned to the lolly graveyard.
Spearmint leaves, for the uninitiated, are used liberally in the decoration of the Stella cake – forming the sweet outer shell of the baked dinosaur.
Mindy Mermaid is said to also be trembling in her tail at the news.
While not nearly as popular as Stella in the kids' birthday stakes, the plucky submariner was said by those who know her to be devastated at the imminent loss of the lolly that forms her tail.
Fran Abdalloui, Food Director of The Australian Women's Weekly in 2016 - and a woman who has spent more time triple-testing recipes in the AWW Test Kitchen than most of us have had hot breakfasts - said the famous title's Children's Birthday Cake Book would have to be reassessed in light of what she called "Lolly-geddon".
"But we are nothing if not inventive in the Test Kitchen," said Fran. "Spearmint Leaves' loss will be another lolly's gain."
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles and Pascall's Jubes were said to be "cock-a-hoop" at the news.

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