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How to make your own easy Easter bunny ears!

Gather the whole family together this Easter to create these fun and easy bunny ears!

By The Australian Women's Weekly staff
What you'll need:
  • Store-bought bunny ears
  • Fabric of your choice for the inside of the inside of the ears
  • Cotton threat and a needle
  • Scissors
  • Artificial flowers
  • Glue gun
Step 1
Using your store-bought bunny ears, place a piece of fabric under the ears and use as a template to cut out two ears.
Step 2a
Step 2b
Once you have cut out the ears, fold the edges to create a seam and sew directly onto the crown. Repeat with the second ear.
Step 3
For the girl's crown, use a glue gun to stick the flowers directly onto the centre of the crown. Leave to dry, then bounce, bounce, bounce!
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